There were times in history that people would approach a Rebbe for salvation and the Rebbe would be sure to make the point that the salvation is from Hashem, and not from any other supposed source. One such incident occurred as follows. A1 chossid once came to Reb Yitzchok of Varka, before he became known as a Rebbe, to request from him that he intercede on his behalf with a certain wealthy woman to help him pay for the upcoming wedding of his daughter. This woman happened to be a relative of this chossid, and being that Reb Yitzchok was then in charge of overseeing her properties etc. and he had influence on her, the chossid turned to Reb Yitzchok with this request. The tzaddik sent the chossid away and refused to consider it when he heard the request. Eventually he told the chossid to come back the next day. When the chossid returned, the tzaddik greeted him warmly and said in a loud voice that could be clearly heard, “How much do you need to marry off your daughter; three hundred gold pieces for a dowry, and two hundred gold pieces to make the wedding? After all you are a relative of the owner of this household, and I’m sure that she will come to your aid.” When the owner heard the announcement, she went and handed over to the chossid the entire sum which was required. The pleasantly surprised chossid turned to the Rebbe and asked, “Why was it that yesterday you completely refused to help me and today you’ve changed so completely in this regard?” The tzaddik replied, “I wanted to teach you that you should never rely on a human being, only on Hashem.” This is why Reb Yitzchok denied the request the first day, because the chossid was relying on his relative to help him, not on Hashem. When he lost hope of his relative helping him, after the response of Reb Yitzchok, he placed his trust only in Hashem, and that was when Reb Yitzchok proceeded to help.

1 sipurei chassidim parshas bichukosa

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