It is known that the existence of the Yidden is like ‘one sheep surrounded by seventy wolves’, and the only reason why they continue to exist is because of the ‘great Shepherd’ – Hashem who constantly and miraculously protects them.
Consequently, Yidden must give all of the credit for their existence to Hashem and to no other entities, including the nations they live amongst. Even should it seem logical to credit those around us for being good neighbors, nonetheless we need to remember that our chachomim consider them wolves (who are being nice because that is how Hashem decided it should be), and only Hashem is to be credited for the good relations.
One might ask, since it is known that together with bitachon a vessel should be made, and one shouldn’t only have faith, accordingly shouldn’t some attention be given to the nations of the world, as a way to assist the continuity of our existence? How does this idea fit with only Hashem being the great Shepherd who shields us always?
To understand this, we need to elucidate our true perspective on a Yid making a vessel.
In truth everything a Yid receives is only because Hashem gave His bracha, as it says, “The bracha of Hashem is what gives wealth”. Simultaneously, however, the Torah also informs us that Hashem’s bracha will descend into our actions (and not that we should sit with our arms folded). This is not to say that the vessel will bring the bracha from Hashem, because all that is being done is making a place for the bracha to come into. In other words there are two things being done, one is to bring Hashem’s bracha (which is done through observing Torah and mitzvos), and the second one is to make sure that there is a vessel in which the bracha should land.
The reason for the second action is simply because Hashem decided that for us humans in this world of actions, the brachos from Hashem should go through the natural channels of the world. But we need to remember that they are merely channels, and not at all the source.
On a deeper level, the aspect that our brachos come only from Hashem, not only results from Hashem being higher than and not bound by nature, it results also from the fact that the Yidden themselves (the ones receiving the brachos) are completely not bound by nature. As Chassidus explains, Yidden receive their sustenance not from nature but rather from miracles.
Therefore the fact that we do make a vessel, as the Torah says, not only is it not the focus, its not important even for us as humans, because we are essentially higher than nature. Hence, the only reason why we make an effort to earn our livelihood is only because Hashem wanted that these miracles should go through nature.
This calculation completely minimizes the importance of a the efforts we make. It is unimportant neither as an agent to bring the brachos, nor does it have any leverage in getting it to us. It is merely the will of Hashem that there be a vessel made. But there is absolutely no room for a Yid to give even the slightest importance to his vessel and efforts.
So when dealing with our surroundings, we should be externally polite, but not because it’s going to make a difference to our popularity, rather only because Hashem wants all of our success to go through natural vessels, but in reality neither Hashem nor the Yidden require the natural avenues. It’s just that this was Hashem’s decision.
Our principle focus must be on connecting to Hashem, the One who gives the brachos, and behaving in a manner congruent with our true identity, a supernatural existence. This is the most guaranteed method to ensuring continuity for Yidden forever.

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