We derive powerful bitachon lessons from some of the decrees that King Pharaoh decreed on the Yidden in Mitzrayim.
One of the worst of these was the decree on the children, that the boys be drowned in the Nile River. The Torah’s narration of this decree seems peculiar. First the Torah relates that Pharaoh wanted all the boys thrown into the river, and then the Torah continues and tells us that Pharaoh said that all the girls should live. Why was it necessary to mention the girls being allowed to live? It doesn’t seem to have anything to with the wicked decrees.
In truth however, there is a very deep message here that the Torah is giving us. Although Pharaoh wanted to kill the Jewish boys physically, because each one presented him with potential danger (for maybe that one would be the savior for the Yidden), his intentions for the girls were even more sinister. He wanted that the girls should also be negatively influenced, i.e. in a spiritual sense. Even though the girls didn’t pose the same danger, he wanted to afflict their spiritual standing.
This is what the Torah refers to when narrating Pharaoh’s decree that ‘the girls shall live’, this means to say that the girls should be raised in the Egyptian lifestyle, in total contrast to how a good Yiddishe daughter should be raised.
In a similar vain this interpretation can be applied to the decree for the boys ‘that they be drowned in the Nile River.’ As is known, the Nile River was then considered the god for the Egyptians. They believed that the Nile was the source for their livelihood. Hence Pharaoh decreed that all Yiddishe boys be thrown in to what the Egyptians believed to be the source of parnoso.
A Yid always knows that no matter which vessel he makes to earn a livelihood, Hashem is the source which makes it happen, without which no vessel would work. Pharaoh wished to erase this notion from our consciousness through his decree.
Our bitachon lesson then is, that our job is to ensure that our children receive the proper chinuch and proper messages during their youth. They shouldn’t be influenced by the apparent importance of having a vessel for a livelihood, rather they should be imbued with the knowledge that Parnoso is from Hashem, and only behaving as He sees fit will bring parnoso. Likewise we must imbue our daughters with only the Yiddishe way of living and not allow any ‘Egyptian’ influences to enter their realm.
All of this will hasten our redemption from the our current Mitzrayim, and pave the way for Moshiach’s immediate arrival.

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