In past articles, we have had occasion to discuss the superiority of bitachon over emuna, that while emuna is a constant belief that Hashem orchestrates all happenings, and all things come from Him, bitachon focuses on the fact that the present situation will be revealed good. Emuna doesn’t focus on the current situation and that revealed good should ensue; emuna is more of a theoretical belief that doesn’t really pertain to actual situations.
One may mistakenly infer from this comparison that bitachon overrides the abilities of emuna, and one should therefore just chose to focus on bitachon and ignore emuna. This is an egregious mistake, for as we will soon see, emuna is an integral part of bitachon.
Perhaps we can say that emuna is the spiritual strengthening of bitachon.
Essentially, there are two parts of bitachon; the act of connecting to Hashem, and the tacit belief that the salvation will certainly be realized.
Part of the challenge to practicing pure bitachon is rooted in the knowledge, that people know with certainty, that as a result of practicing the Midda of bitachon, Hashem will provide them with all their needs. If a person contemplates and considers the salvation which is sure to come, those thoughts may be the cause for the hindrance of the salvation.
It is a well known concept in chassidus that materiality can easily be a distraction to bitachon in Hashem and connection to Hashem’s reality.
Because of this potential error of it is necessary strengthen the spiritual aspect of bitachon and connecting to Hashem.
Perhaps we can say that this is the importance of emuna, (and not just relying on the hidden emuna that every yid naturally has in the neshama). The superiority of emuna is that it contains only spiritual focus and does not pertain to anything materialistic, for the focus is on the greatness of Hashem, and that all events and objects emanate from Him. So consciously focusing on emuna, even though it won’t bring bitachon results, will help the bitachon remain focused on the spiritually, so that the salvation which follows won’t be given any attention, and thus potentially ruin the bitachon.
Interestingly, in the famous sicha about the four groups of Yidden at Krias Yam Suf , the Rebbe discussed how both emuna and bitachon are demanded of us. At the sicha’s conclusion, the Rebbe says that emuna and bitachon actually complete one another. Perhaps this is the intention; bitachon completes emuna by making the emuna a practical good reality, while emuna strengthens the spiritual and principle part of bitachon.
When discussing the quality of bitachon, what it entails and what it accomplishes, the Rebbe first describes bitachon with the description of emuna, then continues on to disprove that notion, and then proceeds to describe bitachon with the chassidishe approach – that the bitachon itself brings good results.
Perhaps it was intentional to first attempt to use the emuna explanation, not only to show the superiority of bitachon over emuna, but also to underline the importance of emuna in the achievement of true bitachon. Only a solid foundation of conscious emuna will ensure a steadfast bitachon in Hashem.
This further strengthens the notion that although there are two parts of bitachon: the cleaving to Hashem and the guaranteed salvation, the emuna is needed to ensure that the guaranteed salvation should not become a point of the ba’al habitachon’s attention, lest it ruin his connection to Hashem.
Through strengthening our consciousness of our innate emuna in Hashem, we are well on the road to real bitachon and a very bright future.

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