Miketz Bitachon
One of the most precious contributions we can make to help people practice Bitachon is when we can provide practical examples we can draw (inspiration) from. Our pasha provides such an opportunity. Parshas Miketz describes Yosef interpreting the dreams of פרעה in which יוסף repeatedly mentions Hashem in a variety of contexts.
Upon being asked to define the perplexing dreams, for based on past experience יוסף was the professional dream interpreter, יוסף answers unmistakably that “”אלקים יענה את חלום פרעה, Hashem will provide the interpretations for you. Now this can come across as peculiar. If any individual asks you a question and you have the ability to answer, just do so. Yosef was certainly able to decipher the meaning of the dreams, so why was his response “Hashem will place the answer to please פרעה

יוסף was a practical example of a person who viewed every occurrence as an action of Hashem. It wasn’t just a nice and inspirational idea, it was real life. There was no giving יוסף the credit for any accomplishment. If it did happen, יוסף would immediately redirect all accreditation to Al-mighty G-d. Following Yosef’s being informed of the dreams, he continues his narration, and says that “Hashem is telling פרעה what He is about to do”. יוסף could have easily abbreviated his message and said, “This is what the future holds,” without any mention of Hashem, but יוסף wasn’t able to go through any segment of his narration without mentioning Hashem. יוסף then repeats again that “Hashem is sending a message regarding what He is about to do”, and that “the meaning of the double dream is that Hashem is ready to carry out the dream immediately”.​​​
If פרעה only gained the interpretation of his dreams, we have a lot more we can benefit from Yosef’s striking presentation, i.e. learning that Hashem is in charge, He has a plan, and He will carry it out as soon as He is ready. פרעה also got wind of Yosef’s G-dly connection and he exclaimed, “הנמצא כזה איש אשר רוח אלקים בו”. When a person is truly living with an ‘other worldly reality’, it is normal that the language one uses is interspersed with mentioning Hashem whenever possible. It can work the other way around as well; one can start with a verbal mention of Hashem and that may ultimately affect the internal cognitive faculties of the person. ​​​​​​​​​​
Mr. Abrams, a New York State Attorney General, served as Bronx Borough President when he was introduced to the Rebbe. He and his family would go to the Rebbe to receive Lekach on הושענא רבה for many years. One year, when their eldest and only child was about nine years old and they were secretly wishing for another child, the Rebbe gave them a ברכה for an addition to the family that year. A year later, when they again came to receive Lekach from the Rebbe, they wanted to thank the Rebbe for his ברכה which had been fulfilled. The Rebbe humbly pointed above saying it was all Hashem, He was the one who bestowed the blessing, and He is the one who should be thanked and shown gratitude. The Bitachon lesson is to accept upon ourselves to view the world through G-dly spectacles. This refers both to the way of Bitachon in Hashem, and an ongoing way to strengthen Bitachon in Hashem.

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