There was once a king who while out on a trip came across a beautiful clearing where he heard the most heartwarming tunes being played on a flute. He discovered that in close proximity there was shepherd happily playing his flute while out on the green meadow with his sheep. The king approached the shepherd and engaged him in conversation. He soon realized that this shepherd was quite intelligent, and decided to take him back to the palace and make him an advisor to the king. The king thoroughly enjoyed his time and discussions with the new advisor and continually promoted him until he held the highest office; the Minister of the Treasury. Of course this invoked the jealousy of the other ministers and they always looked for ways to discredit the former shepherd. The king never gave their words much attention until one day the other ministers came to the king with a serious allegation. They claimed that since the shepherd became the Minister of the Treasury, he had been secretly taking from the king’s treasury and furnishing a most elaborate home. The king decided to confront his highest minister on these charges. The minister responded that never in his life did he take anything that did not belong to him. The king decided that they should visit the abode of the Minister of the Treasury to see if his words were in fact true. The group arrived at a very simple home, and as they toured the house they were all amazed at the simplicity in which the former shepherd lived. Then they came to one locked room and the minister said that he preferred that they leave this room without a visit, for it was his private chamber. The other ministers said, “Aha, here is where he must be hiding the expensive furnishings.” The king then commanded that the room be opened immediately for inspection. This the minister did, and upon entry they found a veritably bare room which contained only a big walking stick, a shepherd’s costume, and a flute. “What is the meaning of this private chamber of yours?” the king demanded. “Since I met Your Highness, the king, and have been promoted on several occasions, I always wanted to be able to remember who I am and where I came from so that I should not become haughty from all of the honor being showered on me. I want to constantly remember that it is not I who is great, rather it is only because Hashem willed that I become a top advisor is the reason I fill this position today. I therefore close myself in this room everyday, don the clothes that you found me in, pick up my flute and play the way you found me on that fateful day. In this way I have a constant reminder to remain humble and to live in same manner that I always lived in.” The king was so impressed that he embraced his most faithful minister and placed even more trust in him. The other ministers all followed with profuse apologies and dedications of everlasting friendship. Humility plays a key role in continuously connecting to Hashem. When a person is raised to greatness, in power, wealth, or other ways, it is so easy to forget where one has come from and to suddenly adapt to new lifestyles congruent with his new status. But the way of bitachon responds with a resounding NO! If the person is great because of the new position, probably Hashem’s involvement in making that promotion happen is being ignored. If credit would be given to Hashem then the lifestyle would not change. How do we succeed in remembering Hashem when we receive an elevated status? Humility is the answer. By always remembering that any greatness that we achieve in life is only because Hashem made it happen and is not our own doing. This will cause that one will successfully continue to keep his exalted status, even in the face of fierce opposition.

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