The two partners who owned a beer brewery in Dobromysl mistakenly neglected to sell their chometz, and only realized this once Yom Tov had arrived. Trembling, they approached the Rov to get a legal ruling on the situation. After some contemplation of the issue, the Rov ruled that the the entire factory needed to be completely disposed of after Pesach.
Upon hearing the words of the Rov, Betzalel Chaim, one of the partners, began to cry, and through his sobs asked the Rov how he can do teshuva for this terrible avaira of owning chometz during Pesach.
The Rov responded with soothing words of consolation and encouragement that Hashem will certainly forgive their oversight.
Yitzchok Shaul, who witnessed the exchange, was so impressed by the sincerity of the partners, that chometz in their possession on Pesach concerned them more than the fact that they were about to lose their entire livelihood.
After the Pesach Seder had ended Betzalel Chaim suddenly thought he saw a glimmer of fire through his window. Quickly he donned his coat and ran out the door in the direction of the fire. Before long he arrived at the burning structure which turned out to be none other than his brewery.
Quickly Betzalel Chaim ran to his partners house, woke him, and exclaimed “Baruch Hashem our brewery is on fire. It’s a miracle Hashem destroyed all of our chometz for us, so we do not have any chometz in our possession any more.”
Betzalel Chaim repeated this when he later heard someone say that Hashem was punishing the partners for not selling their chametz. He said, “This is a gift, not a punishment. Hashem helped us own no chametz on Pesach.” He continued, “True it was our livelihood, but Hashem has always provided for us so well, He will certainly continue to provide for us now.”
By that time many had already arrived in shul to recite Tehillim before davening. It was none other than Betzalel Chaim who was enthusiastically leading the recitation, and singing Hashem’s praise with joy.
Eventually Betzalel Chaim resolved not to pursue his livelihood any more through producing beer, because of the accidental sin that befell him that year.
Throughout this story Betzalel Chaim really personified bitachon conduct in every aspect. From finding out that he still owned chametz to losing the brewery, money was never the concern. The concern was always ‘Am I fulfilling Hashem’s will or not.’
When not, he was terribly saddened, when yes he was thrilled even though it meant loosing a fortune of money.
Additionally, he was full of bitachon without the trace of doubt that Hashem will surely provide for him in the future through other avenues.

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