When one pays attention to the Rebbe’s letters, the idea of sharing good tidings – besuros tovos- with the Rebbe emerges quite often. Aside from the stories that we hear of the Rebbe requesting a report about a previous complaint only to then find out that the situation had improved without the Rebbe being told as soon as the good news became reportable, there are countless letters where the Rebbe openly requests to be informed of besuros tovos. This was often requested in the context of a case where the Rebbe was asked for advice or for a brocha in a certain area, and the Rebbe would conclude, “Just like you reported the issue, likewise you should report good tidings in this area.”
This could be misunderstood that the Rebbe is wishing that the situation should improve and that there should be good to report about – not necessarily as a request to actually be notified of the improvement.
However, it is safer to say that the Rebbe meant exactly what he said and that the person should actually notify him when improvement occurs. The Rebbe desired to hear back from those with problems when the problems were solved.
On a very basic level it’s hard for a person to get a good feeling when all they are told is negative. So it’s understandable that that the Rebbe wanted to hear good tidings, so that his relationship with the chassidim should be founded on positivity and ‘light’ not negativity and ‘darkness’.
I heard that there were those who discouraged others to write to the Rebbe, unless it was a big deal, so as not to waste the Rebbes time. Although they meant well, their intentions were not aligned with the Rebbes opinions. As the Rebbe wrote at several opportunities, that one of the reasons why mishaps occur was because the person wasn’t writing, which is an activity that pleases Hashem.
Thus the Rebbe would rather that his chassidim write good events, even if they are not ‘so important’, than to save the Rebbe some time and later need to deal with a crisis – and at that time the person will wind up writing to the Rebbe anyway.
The potential for reporting good tidings to the Rebbe could be divided into two types of situations. For those who complain, when the problem is resolved, to then report the good; and for everyone in general to report to the Rebbe all good occurrences.
The fact of the matter is that everyone has good to report, whether they notice it or not. It’s a matter of actually getting down to business and notifying the Rebbe of the good tidings.
If people didn’t notice the good they have in life, perhaps its their own perspective that needs to shift in order to notice the good. This can be accomplished through studying chassidus and contemplating the idea that Hashem is teva Hatov lihetev, it is His nature to do good to each and every individual.
In conclusion, as chassidim who turn to the Rebbe at every stage for guidance and brochos, we should notify him as well of all our happy occasions.

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