One1 of the chassidic communities in the days of the Alter Rebbe suffered immeasurably from the opponents of the chassidim, to the extent that several chassidim were imprisoned due to their plots. When through Hashem’s mercy they were freed, the chassidim wrote up a letter to notify the Alter Rebbe of their release. Although initially they were planning on using standard delivery, there was a devoted chossid called R’ Shimon, who was average in intellect and below average in income, who came forward with some funds to hasten the delivery of the good tidings to the Alter Rebbe. The special committee to oversee the activities of the chassidim of that city refused to accept his money, as his family was stricken with maladies and his financial condition was deplorable. But R’ Shimon persisted, saying that to cause the Alter Rebbe satisfaction one hour earlier was the most precious thing in the entire world. When the elder of the committee was informed of R’ Shimon’s idea, he agreed with R’ Shimon and instructed his colleagues to accept the funds and to send the letter express. He also notified the Alter Rebbe’s brother of all that occurred with R’ Shimon. A while later, an emissary of the Alter Rebbe arrived in that city and surprised all of the chassidim when he pulled out a letter for R’ Shimon. The letter was written entirely in the Alter Rebbe’s holy handwriting, and in it the Rebbe thanked R’ Shimon for hastening the delivery of the good news, and wrote that because of this Hashem should enable him to constantly share good tidings. Before long, the brocho was fulfilled, and his family fully healed and his financial condition improved considerably. He experienced a lot of success in all of his endeavors, and he would notify the Alter Rebbe of besuros tovos not only from his own personal life, but from the rest of the local chassidim as well. This is the power of sharing besuros tovos with a Rebbe; as the Rebbe said countless times that when one notifies him of their good tidings, it automatically causes that they will have more good to report. The uniqueness of this story is that it wasn’t just to notify the Rebbe of the good tidings, it was about notifying him sooner. Hence when one has good tidings to share, it should not be postponed, rather one should inform the Rebbe right away. Additionally there is an underlying bitachon lesson in this story, that R’ Shimons focus was more on the spiritual aspects of his life i.e. bringing his Rebbe satisfaction quickly, more than on the little money he owned, which is of course materiality.

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