Besuros tovos bitachon

The truth is that the only one worth notifying of our good tidings is the Rebbe.
The story is told that at a farbrengen in Russia one chassid excitedly pronounced praise to Hashem for many of the good things happening in his life.
One of the elder chassidim interjected and said the following. “When Yehuda – the fourth of the shevatim – was born the Torah relates that Leah proclaimed, ‘Hapaam Odeh es Hashem – this time i will thank Hashem (for the child I bore),’ and the posuk continues, ‘Vatamod miledes – and she (Leah) ceased to give birth.’ Thre chossid concluded: When one praises Hashem in a public manner it can cause a cessation of blessing.”
The question arises, what is wrong with blessing Hashem? Isn’t it an important part of recognizing that everything comes from Him?
The answer is yes, we do need to thank Hashem for all the good we have, but it must be done in the right manner. It’s possible to imagine that when one publicly shares good events, even if it includes praise to Hashem, it may not go over well with others. Jealousy or a bad eye may result from the listeners. For some reason, even if the good tidings are prefaced with ‘boruch Hashem’ the publicity aspect of it and the potential envy can overshadow the thanking of Hashem.
Now, the praise of Hashem can still happen, just in a more modest and sensitive manner.
This was perhaps the message that the elder chassid was trying to impart. Sure, thank and praise Hashem, just don’t do it in a way that may put a stop the blessings you’re thanking about.
The Baal Shem Tov too encouraged people to thank Hashem for the good He gave them; their livelihood, families etc. this was done on an individual basis not in public, and mainly, it was the heilige Baal Shem Tov who was encouraging the appreciation, and surely no envy or negativity can result from the Baal Shem Tov’s request and in his presence.
One the contrary, by encouraging Yidden to praise Hashem he not only caused great joy above, he was helping these Yidden imbue the material aspects of their lives with Hashem and G-dliness. By attributing the good in their lives to Hashem, their livelihood became more g-dly and less coarse.
So a Rebbe is a great person with whom to share your good tidings; only good will come from it. To anyone else… the results aren’t guaranteed.

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