When the Yidden left Egypt on the way to receive the Torah on Har Sinai, they were engaged in war on two occasions. The first war was with the Egyptians, and then later after the splitting of the Yam Suf, the nation of Amalek attacked the Yidden. The instructions that the Yidden received varied in the 2 wars. In the first war the Yidden were told to keep silent and let Hashem do all the fighting. By contrast, in the second war the Yidden were told to go out and fend off the Amalaikim. Although the approach was different the victory and successful outcome of the wars were the same. In the first war there was no fooling oneself about who deserved credit for winning, for Hashem did everything, and all the Yidden needed to do was keep quiet and stay out of the way. It was crystal clear that Hashem fought the entire war from beginning to end. In the second war, however, where the Yidden got involved in warfare, there is room to entertain the thought that the Yidden did do something to contribute to the victory. The truth is, though, that all of the credit goes to Hashem. The reason for this is that naturally the Amaleki people should not have lost the war. They used magic to cause the fighters to be undefeatable, making victory for the Yidden virtually impossible. Only because the Yidden were fighting to complete Hashem’s name and throne and with the power of Hashem’s servant Moshe, as Moshe chose the soldiers, davened for them throughout, and they were led to war by Moshe’s servant Yehoshua, this is why they were able to win the war over Amalek. It was a supernatural victory, which could not have happened without Hashem’s intervention. In summary, even in the war with Amalek where the Yidden did take part, all credit could only be given to Hashem. This is an important bitachon lesson for us. There are no doubt situations in our lives in which we can only attribute success to Hashem. There was no human effort involved. Things just somehow worked out on their own. But no, as Yidden we know the truth: that it was orchestrated and carried out by Hashem. Then there are the situations where there is human involvement and effort, how do we then hand out the credits? The answer here is the same; Hashem. The reason for this is that ultimately success can only be realized if Hashem so wills. Many people become doctors and lawyers, but only a fraction of them are very successful. “Why one and not the other?” you ask. Because that’s what Hashem decided. This is the perspective we must adopt to ensure a wholesome bitachon. A ba’al habitachon knows to attribute everything to Hashem, no matter how much effort they invested.

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