About GotBitachon.com

A great need was apparent in the area of properly understanding and applying Chassidic concepts. The effect that chassidus used to have on a person is much less existent these days, and it seems that people aren’t connected personally to the chassidus they study, the way it used to be. Therefore, Congregation Hafotzas Hamayonos was founded, with the goal of thoroughly studying chassidus (among all other Torah subjects). Specific emphasis is encouraged on connecting to the chassidus being studied. After three years of arranging and presenting many weekly Shiurim, including study with multitudes of חברותות, it was suggested (by members of our Bitachon שיעור) that a website should be built to broadcast inspiration, elucidation, and practical personal application of the great מדה of בטחון in Hashem. With Hashem’s help we will include other important subjects be broadcast, in the future.